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Ever wanted to own a racehorse?

Have you ever wanted to own a racehorse but had concerns similar to these:
"Yes it's just so expensive"
"I have always wanted to I just don't have that kind of money"
"Well yes but who can afford that, it's a sport of kings"
Don't worry, we've heard the concerns and have found something that we, Spendthrift Farm, believe in and see as the future of our industry.
MyRacehorse is an organization that sells micro shares in racehorses at affordable prices - we're talking under $200. This company gives to the opportunity to be a racehorse owner without the financial burden. You can learn more here OR download the app available on the App Store.
The app looks like this:
 MyRacehorse app
We look forward to you becoming a race horse owner!

Team Spendthrift 


  • spendthriftfarm

    Hello @ Tim Lush – that is correct you pay only the advertised price and that is it.

  • spendthriftfarm

    Hey @ Michael Grauman, the Jimmy Creed is now available for purchase worldwide. The rest of the horses are in the approval process to be world wide but at this time only the Jimmy Creed is. We wanted to let people know about this great company as we get the ball rolling so everyone has an opportunity to explore it before making a decision! Let us know if you have any more questions!

  • Tim Lush

    I pay $200. That’s it? Nothing else ?

  • Michael Grauman

    As much as we would love to own even a fraction of a racehorse, I think your ad is a bit remiss by not mentioning the MyRacehorse offering is only available to residents of California.

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