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Hassle-Free Gift Wrapping Tips

Oh gift love it or you hate it. There is no in between. Whether it's your jam or the bane of the Christmas season for you, we have some tips & tricks to make you look like a professional! 


Tip 1:

Skip the tacky, 90's inspired overzealous wrapping paper. We recommend investing in 2 types: a simple pattern or two & butcher paper. This way, all of your gifts have a cohesive feel to them while looking "trendy" and effortless. Below are a few Pinterest-inspired examples!




Tip 2: 

Tiny details go a long way. Splatter some paint on your butcher paper, hot glue or tape a pinecone to the bow, tie a candy cane on...opportunities are endless. Below are a few creative touches we like with very little effort used. 




Tip 3: 

Let us do it! If you're not in the mood for Christmas wrapping this year and you're tired of wrapping presents, you can add "gift wrapping" to any order in the Spendthrift Shop and we'll wrap it for you.


Happy Holidays!
- Team Spendthrift



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