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Spring Cleaning - 5 Easy Steps to Get Organized! (and stay that way)

The groundhog didn't see his shadow so guess what... Spring is coming quickly! We're giving you a few organizational tips to rid your home of extra "stuff" we tend to accumulate over the holiday season. We're also including shop-able links below ⬇️

1) One room at a time

It's easy to say "I'm going to spring clean my whole house this year" but after a few hours everything may seem overwhelming and time consuming. Instead, start with one room and make that a weekend focus. If it's a really big room (i.e. bedroom, garage, kitchen) start with one section: "today I'm going to clean out this junk drawer that's been growing for 10 years". And finish it. We repeat..FINSIH IT. Nothing is more disheartening than not being able to complete a project. Start small, one room, one section of a room, and finish that dang thing!


2) Make two piles: donate and sell

Some items may still have tags - you know, those pesky jeans that you swear will fit eventually - it's OK to get rid of them. Take those babies to Plato's Closet or something similar get a couple bucks for them and get them out of your life (or have a yard sale!). Nobody has the time or space for things that don't fit perfect and make you look like a rockstar. Donate anything that may be a little too loved, someone else will enjoy it more than your shelf. 


3) Color story everything 

If you've ever worked in retail, you know what this means, but for those who haven't: make everything color order. Rainbow-style everything. If you need inspiration, head on over to The Home Edit and you'll be so inspired your heart races.

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Below are a few inspiring examples from T.H.E. (PS - they have an exclusive line at the container store, which you can shop here)

The Home Edit

The Home Edit

The Home Edit


4) Everything has it's place

This sounds simple but it will help you reduce clutter. Every sweater has a hanger (try hard not to go out and buy more hangers. Instead, get rid of items so you have enough to fit on your current hangers), every pencil has a home in a pencil holder or it gets thrown away, every storage container has a lid, every pot has a home. Everything needs to have a dedicated home or you get rid of it. If you need to save space, purchase cheap plastic or glass storage containers for everything. 

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5) Clean the hard places

Tops of fans, baseboards, bathroom corners, between tiles, window seals, etc. Yes, doing this is terrible. BUT when you get this done, it's done, and you will feel so much better. 

Clean your ceiling fan

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 PS - if you want to clean your blinds, you can attach microfiber cloths to a set of tongs 

Get your cleaning on!



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