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Who is Spendthrift?

Spendthrift the horse

Many know Spendthrift Farm was founded in 1937 by Leslie Combs II but who is "Spendthrift"?


Spendthrift - the horse - was foaled in 1876 in Lexington, Kentucky at Woodburn Stud. He is the grandson of LEXINGTON and went on to become the great-grandsire of the legendary MAN O' WAR. The chestnut colt was purchased by Daniel Swigert - owner of Elmendorf Farm - for what would be equal to about $24,000 today. Swigert named Spendthrift after his wife's spending habits in New York City.

Throughout his racing career Spendthrift had many great successes including the 1878 Sanford Stakes, the 1879 Belmont Stakes and many more. He also earned the title of American Co-Champion Two-Year-Old Colt in 1878. After his two-year-old career, Swigert sold Spendthrift to James Keene (Castleton Farm) for the modern equivalent of about $390,000. 

Spendthrift stood at many farms but finished out his career at Overton Chenault's farm until he passed on October 21, 1900. 



  • A. Bommer

    So interesting! Thanks for sharing!
    Hey Autry! You were our tour guide during BreyerFest19! We watched the last live cover of the season. You were an awesome guide, and we LOVED seeing all of the stallions!! Beeeee stillll my heart for them all, but especially Into Mischief, Goldencents and Malibu Moon <3 <3

  • FlwrPwr

    Loved it! More than just a shop – a look into history. Keep it going :) I love learning about the history of racing.

  • Autry

    Hi Shane! So Spendthrift was bought by Swigert for $1,000 which is equal to about $24,000 today and he was sold to Keene for $15,000 which is equal to about $390,000 today. Hope this helps!

    Autry, Team Spendthrift

  • RDC

    The rich history of Thoroughbred racing in pure Americana.

  • Shane Porter

    Enjoyed the article! I was wondering when when you said he was bought for a price equal to what was the actual price?

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