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Galentine's Day - Celebrate With us!

  Many people have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day but we have one holiday we guarantee you'll feel confident celebrating! February 13th is the unofficial holiday, Galentine's Day, and it's all about celebrating the ladies in your life.  We are giving you our guide to creating an evening you'll look forward to every year   The Goal: A cozy girls night in complete with candy and crafts (including a few cocktails!)    Shopping List:  A few bottles of wine (red or white, whichever you prefer!) Festive matching wine glasses, shop ours here Heart-Shaped chocolates Red and pink construction paper  Warm oversized sweatshirts, shop ours here Goodies for your guests, shop our suggestions here     Ideas:  Invite your guests with themed...

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2019 Tours Available

Spendthrift Farm tours are now available for 2019!    Book now through our friends at Horse Country    We are offering:  Stallion Tours Next Level: A Breeding Shed Experience  About Stallion Tours: As our guest, you will discover our state-of-the-art dual breeding shed, unlike any other in the Bluegrass, where more than 2, 700 mares walk through its doors during any given breeding season. Our famous Stallion U-barn dates back to Nashua, a legendary racehorse, and sire. Throughout the tour, you will learn about Spendthrift’s colorful founder, the larger than life Leslie Combs, who was known for both entertaining celebrity guests and revolutionizing the thoroughbred industry. You will also hear more on our current owner, B. Wayne Hughes, who has not...

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Holiday Sangria Recipe

Holiday Sangria Recipe is here!   Prep time: 10 minutes Serves 4 Ingredients needed: 1 bottle chardonnay (we used Chloe) 1/2 bottle sparkling apple cider 1 cup of diet cranberry juice 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup cranberries (you will have 1/4 a cup of them) 1/2 green apple 4 sprigs of Rosemary   Supplies needed: 1 glass pitcher 1 long wooden spoon Knife & cutting board 4 Beholder wine glasses   Instructions: Step 1: Half 1/4 cup of cranberries Slice 1/4 green apple Step 2: Pour sugar into glass pitcher then add fruit     Step 3: Pour sparkling apple cider in (slowly! it will fizz)     Step 4: Add wine then cranberry juice     Step 5: Stir!...

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